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Grassfed & Grass-Finished Lamb: Bundles

Do you enjoy lamb like we do? Although lamb is not as common as other proteins in the midwest, it offers great flavor. You can browse the various cuts of lamb we offer below.

Lamb is a great red meat alternative to beef. When cooked to perfection, it has amazing flavor and texture.

Here at Nourished by Nature, we raise our lamb on pasture with no grain, antibiotics or added hormones. Since the desired food source of sheep are deep-rooted forbs, it is a very nutrient-dense meat.

Whether you are looking for a cut to put on the grill like chops or or to bake in the oven such as a shoulder roast or leg, we have you covered.

Want it delivered to your doorstep? We can pack and ship our lamb products to you in our refrigerated boxes to ensure freshness.