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Free-Range Eggs

Raised on open pastures and supplemented with non-GMO grains grown on our farm.

The quality of an egg is directly dependent on how the hen that laid it is managed. Hens like ours are truly free-range in the growing season, meaning that they are on open pasture with no boundaries or fences.

You can typically find "free-range" eggs in the store, but usually this means that those hens have access to an outdoor space or are allowed a certain square footage per bird. It is not the same as hens that are allowed endless space on pasture. Our hens have an unrestricted diet of forage and insects. This, along with our non-GMO grains make for the most nutrient-dense egg available anywhere.

Full of essential fats and nutrients, our eggs can be a great addition to any meal, anytime of the day. Rest assured that when you purchase eggs from us, the chickens that laid them are raised in the most ethical way...on pasture, truly free-range.