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Raw & Unfiltered Honey

Raw & Unfiltered honey, produced by happy bees that reside on our farm.

On our farm, we are all about feeding our pollinators by growing a wide variety of perennial and annual forages. This ensures that they have a great food source throughout the entire growing season.

Our beekeeper, Duffer, brings his bee hives to our farm each May where they immediately begin to pollinate our crops and produce rich honey. His bee yards are strategically placed throughout thousands of acres on our farm so that the bees have a bounty of plants to feed on. Each fall, the honey is extracted and bottled for us.

A lot of generic honey found in stores contains additives such as corn syrup which is used to act as a filler. The honey produced on our farm is pure, raw and unfiltered. No added ingredients or fillers...EVER.

Our honey is not strictly clover or alfalfa honey. Diversity is essential for an ecosystem to function, so these bees have access to hundreds of flowering plants that include clovers, vetches, peas, alfalfa, and many different wildflowers.

We are working to replace cane sugar that is found in some of our meat products with our honey to act as the natural sweetener. You can choose from various sized bottles or jugs to fit your needs.