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Pasture-Raised Turkey

These turkeys are raised on pasture which allows them to forage a wide variety of insects and plants. Along with that, they are fed a non-GMO grain ration. With plenty of room and exercise, these turkeys offer great flavor and juiciness.

Level up your Thanksgiving this year with one of our pasture-raised turkeys. When turkeys are allowed to express their natural foraging instincts, they have a robust flavor that can't be found in turkeys that have been raised in a barn.

These birds are raised ethically outdoors and are moved to fresh pasture daily throughout their entire lives. Never fed GMOs, antibiotics or growth hormones, our farmer friend David in Missouri raises them exactly as we used to here on the ranch. They are grown responsibly from day one and are harvested right on David's farm, so there is no stress on the birds from miles of hauling to the processor.

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