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Best of Farm Box

Best of Farm Box

12# Avg.

Interested in trying what we have to offer but not sure where to start? The Best of Farm Box is a compilation of all our top sellers, including a combination of beef, pork, chicken, and lamb cuts. This bundle of best sellers will not disappoint!


2 New York Strip Steaks

2 Pork Bone-in Chops

2 Packages of Boneless Chicken Breasts (2 breasts/pkg.)

2 Packages of Ground Beef 85% Lean

2 Packages Ground Pork

1 Package of Lamb Rib Chops (2 chops/pkg.)

1 Package of Smoked Bacon

1 Package of Original Snack Sticks

1 Package of Honey Habanero Snack Sticks (Paul's favorite!)

1 Package of Beef Summer Sausage