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Meet the Team

  • Gabe & Shelly Brown
    Gabe & Shelly Brown
  • Paul & Jazmin Brown
    Paul & Jazmin Brown
    Owners; Head of Operations and Marketing & Sales
  • Ryan & Jessica Jarratt
    Ryan & Jessica Jarratt
    Cattle Manager
  • Kaylen Barstad
    Kaylen Barstad
    Farmer's Market Specialist
  • Grass-Finished Beef
    Grass-Finished Beef
    CEO of Range Management
  • Grass-Finished Lamb
    Grass-Finished Lamb
    CEO of Brush Management & Weed Control
  • Pastured Pork
    Pastured Pork
    CEO of Mischief & Waste Management
  • Pastured Laying Hens
    Pastured Laying Hens
    CEO of Pest Control
  • Pastured Chicken
    Pastured Chicken
    COO of Pest Control

Mission Statement

Nourished by Nature is committed to raising nutrient-dense food that you can trust to feed yourself and your family. Healthy food starts with healthy soil. When supporting us, you are supporting farming practices that work with the principles of nature to ensure a bright future.