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Grassfed & Grass-Finished Beef: Organs

Raised on a diverse diet of grass and forbs, our beef is second to none in flavor and nutrient-density. Our cattle are truly finished, meaning that you can expect juicy cuts with plenty of marbling for a great eating experience.


We take raising nutritious food very seriously. It is our goal to offer the most nutrient-dense products available anywhere.

All of the beef we offer is born & raised on our ranch. There is no outsourcing of beef from other ranches.

This is important because we know exactly what they eat and have access to from day one. It also means that our products will be extremely consistent. They are 100% grassfed & truly finished. No grain...EVER.

As with all of our livestock, our beef are raised ethically. Always out on pasture where they belong!

Our wide variety of beef cuts have you covered for any occasion. Whether it is for a Sunday family dinner or a large gathering of friends, you can count on us as a trusted source.

Once you create an account with us, you can place an order. For your convenience, you can have our products shipped to your door OR if you live in North Dakota and would like to pickup at one of our locations, you can do that too.

Our passion is raising food regeneratively in a manner that is good for both you and the ecosystem. We would be honored for you to choose us as your trusted farmers.