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Pastured Pork: Sausage

High quality pork raised the way it should be...outdoors with plenty of fresh air, sunshine and room to roam. You can count on us as your trusted source of delicious pork.

If you are like us, then you are a huge fan of pork!

Whether it is ribs, bacon, brats, or a juicy shoulder roast, we have your pork needs covered.

Our pork is completely different than what you will find at the supermarket. Since we raise our pigs outdoors on pasture, the meat is much darker, flavorful and nutritious.

Born & raised on the ranch, we know exactly what our pigs eat from birth. We supplement their foraging & rooting diet with non-GMO grains that we grow on our farm.

If I was a pig, I would definitely want to grow up on our farm. Plenty of sunshine, grass and room to roam!