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5 1/2 dz. Egg Shipping Bundle

5 1/2 dz. Egg Shipping Bundle

(Requires $125 purchase of frozen meat products) **Shipped Separately**
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Get a bundle of our delicious eggs delivered safely to your home! The hens are truly free-range and are supplemented with a mix of non-GMO grains raised on our farm. 

Safe Delivery Guaranteed ✔️

Here's the deal, eggs are fragile and even though we are sure to pack them with extra love, we've decided to take precautions a step further. In this egg bundle, we are selling 66 eggs (5.5 dozen), but you will receive 72 eggs, just in case any break. 

No Refrigeration Needed ✔️

The eggs packed for shipping are unwashed, but still clean. This means that these eggs are shipped with the bloom still intact, meaning that they will be perfectly safe to be out of the fridge during transport. This is how most eggs are sold in Europe.

Add-on To Your Frozen Product Order ✔️

Due to the nature of our shipping methods, the purchase of the Egg Shipping Bundle is only available as an add-on to your purchase of frozen meat products. The Egg Shipping Bundle is shipped in a separate box from frozen products via Ground Shipping. This means that depending on your shipping address, your eggs may arrive up to 5 days after your meat products. This ensures successful delivery of BOTH frozen meat and fresh eggs!