Pork Sausage Sampler

17# Avg.

With so many different types of sausages in our repertoire, how do you choose which one to make for your family? With this sampler, you don't have to AND you're saving $$ by buying in bulk. Now you can really figure out what everyone's favorite sausage is - or if you're like me, you'll find that you love them all! 


2 Packages of Andouille 

2 Packages of Bratwurst

2 Packages of Breakfast (Bulk)

2 Packages of Chorizo

2 Packages of English Links

2 Packages of French Apple Links

2 Packages of German Sausage (Bulk)

2 Packages of Hot Italian 

2 Packages of Jalapeno-Chipotle 

P.S. Unless otherwise stated, these sausages are in "brat" form with 4 "brats" per package. Links = 8 small links. Bulk = 1lb pkg. w/ no casing.