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What does grass-finished mean?

    This is a question that we get asked often. Grass-finished simply means that the cattle and sheep are 100% grassfed, but are truly      finished with good fat cover and will marble well. This equates to a better and healthier eating experience for our customers.

How do pickup days work?

    Arrive at pickup location on your scheduled date and time. We will be there with our delivery van. NOTE: Please be on time. To be       fair to other customers our van cannot wait on latecomers.

  1. If you do not pre-pay for your order online then your final total will be due at this time via check, cash, or credit. Once payment is verified, your order will be located and transferred to your vehicle.
  2. Take products home and prepare with tender love and care. Enjoy!


What exactly is a Pickup Location?

Pickup Locations are simply places where we meet you with your order. Our deliveries usually take place at other small businesses that permit us to use their space for the transaction.


What should I bring on pickup day?

  • Bring payment if you plan to pay at pickup. (We do encourage you to pay online prior to pickup)
  • Bring coolers (only if traveling more than 1 hour.)
  • Don’t forget directions!


Can a friend pick-up my order?

Yes, just be sure payment arrangements are made ahead of time.


When are the order deadlines?

Most order deadlines are 2 days prior to the delivery date. See locations for further details.


How is my order packaged?

All meat items come individually packaged and frozen. Your items will always be packed in boxes or bags for your convenience.

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