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Uncle Ray Ray's Wild Buffalo Wings

January 24, 2024 • 0 comments

Uncle Ray Ray's Wild Buffalo Wings
These bold and saucy wings are perfect for any SuperBowl party or other casual meal time! Paul's brother-in-law makes great wings. Here's the tried and true recipe that "Uncle Ray Ray" uses for the best wings in town- hands down!
  • Prep Time:
  • Cook Time:
  • Servings: 4-5


  • (1/2 Cup) Frank's Buffalo Sauce
  • (1/2 Cup) Lemon Juice
  • (4 Cloves) Garlic, minced
  • (2 Tbsp.) Worcestershire Sauce
  • (1/4 Cup, melted) Beef Tallow
  • (2 tsp.) Himalayan Salt
  • (1 tsp.) Black Pepper
  • (8 Tbsp.) Salted Grass-Fed Butter
  • (1/2 Cup) Frank's Buffalo Sauce
  • (1/2 Cup) Blue Cheese Dressing
  • (1 Cup) Mayonnaise
  • (1/2 Cup) Organic Sour Cream
  • (1 Cup) Celery and Carrots for serving
  • (2 Packages) Chicken Wings


First, you'll want to start by prepping the wings; separating them at the joint for easier eating later on. 

Next, you'll want to prepare the marinade. 

For the marinade, combine buffalo sauce, lemon juice, garlic, worcestershire, melted tallow, himalayan salt, and black pepper in a plastic bag along with the wings. Let the prepped wings marinate for 2 hrs before grilling.

After a couple of hours of marinating in the fridge, fire up the grill to 350 degrees and let your smoker or grill warm up for 10-15 mins.

Once your grill/smoker is warm, spread the wings evenly and let cook for 40 mins at 350 degrees. 

While the wings are grilling, mix another 1/2 cup of Frank's Buffalo Sauce with the melted, salted butter for the mop sauce.

In the last 10 mins of grilling, brush the mop sauce on.

While the wings are finishing on the grill, mix the blue cheese dressing, mayonnaise, and sour cream together for the dipping sauce in a small bowl. 

After 40 mins or when the wings reach an internal temp. of 165 degrees, pull off the grill and shut the grill off. 

Serve with some celery and carrots sticks and enjoy!