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1/2 Beef

1/2 Beef

196# avg.

Double the amount of packages you get with a 1/4 beef with an even better value. A half beef is a great way to keep a family stocked for an extended period of time.


40 Packages of 85% Lean Ground Beef

40 Packages of 75% Lean Ground Beef

8 Packages of 75% Lean Ground Beef Patties (2 patties/pkg.)

8 Tenderloin Steaks

8 Ribeye Steaks

8 New York Strip Steaks

5 Packages of Original Beef Sticks (can substitute out if you have a different preference of flavor)

4 Large Sirloin Steaks

4 Small Sirloin Steaks

4 Flat Iron Steaks

4 Packages of Eye of Round Steaks (2 steaks/pkg.)

4 Packages of Beef Bacon

4 Packages of Sugar Free Hot Dogs

4 Packages of Summer Sausage

4 Packages of Stew Meat

4 Chuck Roasts

4 Rump Roasts

4 Arm Roasts

2 Sirloin Tip Roasts

1 Sirloin Tri-Tip 

1 Brisket Point

2 Brisket Flat

4 Packages of Shanks

4 Packages of Short Ribs

2 Package of Back Ribs