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Pork Canadian Bacon

Pork Canadian Bacon

8 oz.

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The best thing about Canadian Bacon is its versatility- from pizza, to hot dish, to all kinds of breakfast combinations, our Canadian Bacon has such great texture and flavor. Coming from the loin of the pig, this is one of the leaner cuts of the animal gently smoked for your delight. Like all of our products, this is of course nitrate and preservative free with just a hint of honey to round out the flavor profile.

Why is it called "Canadian" Bacon?

The origin of the name is believed to have come from a time in the mid-1800s when there was a shortage of pork in the United Kingdom. To make up for the shortfall, pork was imported from Canada. The British used this lean loin of the pig’s back to make what was called peameal bacon since it would be rolled in ground split yellow peas after it was cured in a special brine. It then became known as Canadian bacon. Eventually, it made its way to the US and has been known as Canadian bacon, though minus the peameal, ever since.

Canadians don’t refer to this type of bacon as Canadian bacon, of course. This bacon is still known as peameal bacon or even back bacon in Canada. One difference now is that the peameal was replaced with cornmeal after World War I since it was more readily available, though calling it peameal bacon was already stuck in place.

[Excerpt from Knowledge Stew]



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