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Brown's Ranch Soil Probiotic (includes pail deposit)

Brown's Ranch Soil Probiotic (includes pail deposit)

2 Gallon Pail
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Our well-aged soil probiotic is derived from grass-finished cow and sheep manure, regeneratively-fed chicken manure, used cardboard, wood chips, and other carbon sources found on our regenerative ranch.

Included in each pail is a sheet with instructions for how to use and key benefits of our soil probiotic.

Using the Johnson-Sui method of composting, we're sure to develop a stable and balanced compost with active microbes and a good carbon to nitrogen ratio to ensure health and vitality to your garden and/or house plants.

You can follow the link to learn more about the Johnson-Su method.

This initial purchase includes a $3 deposit on the bucket so that the bucket can be reused and refilled at a discounted price. You can also return the bucket for $3 back. (Does not apply for shipping customers at this time, sorry!)

If you're interested in larger amounts- ie. trailer or truck bed full, please email us directly for details. We will be happy to arrange that for you.