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Spicy Vietnamese Keto Meatballs

July 24, 2018 • 0 comments

Spicy Vietnamese Keto Meatballs
This recipe came from my uncle, Lance Barton, who's had a lot of success with the ketogenic diet! He's currently the thinnest and healthiest he's been in his adult life, thanks to recipes like this one and our nutrient rich, grass-fed beef! If you're not doing keto but want to give these a try, they'd be delicious with our 65%, 75%, or 85% lean ground beef, our ground pork, or ground lamb. These meatballs certainly don't disappoint. Hope you enjoy. Each meatball is 262 calories, 22g protein, 1.5g net carbs, and 18g fat


  • (1 lb) Keto Burger
  • (1) Free-Range Eggs
  • (1) chopped green onion
  • (1 tbsp) Sriracha
  • (1 tsp) garlic powder
  • (1 tsp) sea salt
  • (1 tsp) cracked pepper
  • (1 tsp) cayenne pepper powder
  • (1 tbsp) coconut oil


Mix keto burger, egg, green onion, Sriracha, garlic powder, salt, pepper, and cayenne pepper powder in large bowl. 


Form the mixture by hand into meatballs of desired size.  


Spread 1 tbsp coconut oil on skillet, and rotate meatballs on 6 sides, cooking for 2 mins each.


Let sit for 5 mins before enjoying!



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