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Simple Curry Pumpkin Soup

November 1, 2023 • 0 comments

Simple Curry Pumpkin Soup
A quick and easy, fall inspired soup, featuring Indian spices and our flavorful Pork Bacon Ends. Perfect for a colder day, this tasty soup will warm you up and fill your home with a delicious, sweet and savory aroma that'll make you want to keep coming back for more!
  • Prep Time:
  • Cook Time:
  • Servings: 6


  • (1 large, thinly sliced) Onion
  • (4 cloves, minced) Garlic
  • (2 Tbsp., minced) Ginger
  • (12 oz., 1 package) Pork Bacon Ends (Smoked)
  • (1 Tbsp., plus more to taste) Curry Powder
  • (1 tsp., plus more to taste) Salt
  • (1/2 tsp., plus more to taste) Black Pepper
  • (2 (15oz.) cans) Pumpkin Purée
  • (3 Cups) Beef Bone Broth
  • (1 Cup) Coconut Milk
  • (1 Tbsp.) Maple Syrup - Pint
  • (1/2 tsp., ground) Cinnamon
  • (1 Cup, for topping) Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
  • (1/4 Cup, chopped for topping) Fresh Cilantro
  • (1/4 Cup, chopped for topping) Fresh Parsley
  • (1 Tbsp., for topping) Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • (Pinch, for topping) Ground Turmeric
  • (Pinch, for topping) Salt


  • Crisp bacon ends in a large Dutch oven pot over medium-high heat. Set aside.
  • Combine onion, garlic, ginger, curry powder, salt and pepper in leftover bacon fat and cook for 2 to 3 minutes, until vegetables begin to soften.
  • Add pumpkin purée, beef bone broth, coconut milk, maple syrup and cinnamon. Stir ingredients. Bring to a simmer and cook for 5 to 10 minutes, allowing the flavors to come together.
  • Meanwhile, mix the pumpkin seeds, cilantro, parsley, olive oil, turmeric and salt together in a small bowl.
  • Serve soup in bowls and garnish with herby pumpkin seed topping and crisped bacon ends.