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Bone Broth Hot Chocolate

December 8, 2022 • 0 comments

Bone Broth Hot Chocolate
Our nutritious bone broth hot chocolate is going to be a hit this holiday season. Bring to a holiday party (yes, alcohol can be added to this recipe for the adult version) or make at home with the kids for a healthier version of this family favorite. The hint of bone broth seasoning pairs wonderfully with the raw cacao and maple syrup for a rich and creamy flavor that everyone will love! credit to: @thenaturalmindedmomma for this recipe
  • Prep Time:
  • Cook Time:
  • Servings: Enough for 1 person or 2 small kids' cups. You can double or triple the recipe for the whole family.


  • (1/2 Cup) Beef Bone Broth
  • (1/2 Cup) Raw Cream or Coconut Milk or whatever milk you drink- the creamier the better!
  • (Pinch) Sea Salt
  • (Pinch) Cinnamon
  • (1-2 Tbsp.) Navitas Raw Cacao- this is a regeneratively-sourced brand!
  • (2-3 Tbsp.) Maple Syrup - Pint
  • (Splash) Vanilla Extract


Mix well and whisk together. Bring to a slow boil so everything has dissolved. Let cool and enjoy!