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Referral Program- Receive $15 Store Credit!

written by

Jazmin Jordan

posted on

February 13, 2023

As we continue to face economically challenging times due to inflation and the powers that be, we've been diligent in finding new ways to say "thank you" for being our customer and choosing to support us while feeding your family.

While we are making price adjustments to some of our products, this referral program will allow you to earn $15 store credit for every new customer you invite to our online store who places an order.

Each new customer you refer will ALSO receive a $5 store credit upon checkout. There are no restrictions on this offer.

This Win Win opportunity is available now through March 31st!

In order to participate in the referral program:

Login to your Nourished by Nature account and click "Referrals" at the top righthand side of the screen.

Copy the Referral Link to your clipboard.

Email the link to anyone who doesn’t already have an account with us! You can use this email template to send your message:


Nourished by Nature is currently implementing a referral program! All you have to do is follow the link below to create an account and receive a $5 store credit so you can start shopping for the best local and regeneratively raised meats.

[insert link here]

Upon payment of your referees, you will receive a $15 credit and they will receive $5 store credit their first order through our website. Please note that the credit will not be applied until they’ve received their first order.

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