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Green Earth Wholesome Foods

written by

Jazmin Brown

posted on

April 27, 2017

We have recently teamed up with Chef Erika at Green Earth Wholesome Foods to offer you some amazing recipes that pair our products with her talent in the kitchen. She has many years of experience and will share recipes that can easily be prepared and cooked at home for your friends and family. Erika is a proponent of local foods and now spends her time as a personal chef that can be hired to cook delicious meals at your home. 

She explains more about her passion and business here:

Wouldn't it be nice to have someone trained at Le Cordon Bleu, has 20 plus years experience in Food industry and loves what they do to come into your home and prepare entrees with sides, soups and salads for your family?

A personal chef is hired by different clients and prepares meals right in the client's home. I will create a customized menu for you! I will shop for all of the groceries, prepare the meals and clean the kitchen upon leaving your house with the warmth of good food cooked for you!  This leaves time for you to enjoy, relax and do things that mean the most to you. You will not have to worry or stress about what is for dinner, it will be waiting in your fridge or freezer! 

For 3 entrees with 2 sides, one soup and two salads for 4 people, my chef rate  is $165.00.
The client will pay for the groceries and we can work on a budget beforehand if needed. 

The rate is 35.00 per person for an extra serving. 

For dinner parties up to 12 people my rate is 35.00 an hour.

For more information please call Chef Erika at 751-7338.

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