Grill Master Box

19.5# Avg

Do you love to grill as much as we do? Psh, of course you do! This is the ultimate grilling master's collection of products that really shine when cooked on a grill. Perfect for any season...mid-winter grilling, anyone? 


2 Beef New York Strip Steaks

2 Beef Ribeye Steaks

2 Packages of 85% Ground Beef Patties (2 patties/pkg.)

1 Package of Beef Back Ribs

1 Beef Brisket Flat

1 Package of Beef Sugar-Free Franks

1 Package of Tenderloin Kabob 

1 Pork Back Ribs

2 Pork Boneless Loin Chops

1 Package of Pork Bratwurst (4 brats/pkg)

1 Package of Jalapeno-Chipotle Sausage (4 brats/pkg.)

2 Packages of Lamb Loin Chops (2 chops/pkg.)

1 Package of Chicken Wings