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Cooking Temps

Below are two recommendations for cooking meat. The first is the suggested range - the temperature that true meat lovers are likely to use when cooking the meat. The second is the USDA-recommended temperature range, which we feel is too high to ensure maximum flavor and juiciness. But the ultimate decision on this matter lies with the cook.

Type of Meat Suggested Internal Temperatures USDA Recommended Internal Temperatures
Beef/Lamb 120˚-165˚F 140˚-170˚F
Pork 145˚-165˚F 170˚F
Chicken 160˚-165˚F 180˚F
Turkey (unstuffed)* 160˚-165˚F 180˚F

Information excerpted from: The Grassfed Gourmet Cookbook - by Author & Farmer Shannon Hayes


Tips for the Perfect Steak!

  • Thaw in fridge, bring to room temperature just before cooking. (Never defrost in microwave.)
  • Pat dry steak, coat with oil and season to taste.
  • For best results, cook on charcoal or gas grill. (Otherwise use cast iron for pan frying.)
  • Sear and cook with high heat. Best when internal temperature does not exceed 120° - 145°.
  • Use thermometer to ensure you DO NOT overcook!
  • Allow steak to rest in warm area for 5-8 minutes.


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